The cost of this service reflects the large amount of time, care & skill that is required to isolate the particular anatomical structure(s) of interest, perform the 3D render and collate these images into an easily accessible presentation format. An additional issue is the current lack of any government rebate or private health insurance rebate for 3DVR service provision in Australia.

The baseline cost (standard render) = $300 AUD

However, this cost may be higher if a significant amount of additional rendering time is required to meet the specific objectives of the surgeon. For this reason, the medical request provided by your surgeon must first be assessed for complexity and feasibility. Only then will you be sent a formal quote for acceptance. Online payment must be received before any rendering work commences.

Any Workers Compensation, 3rd Party insurance or Veterans Affairs claims require a specific letter of approval from the insurer or agency before any rendering work commences (your surgeon would organise this).